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"I can tell you that some women do not come forward because they fear not being believed, and a lot of other women don't come forward because of other women who make false accusations", Conway said.

Late Tuesday, Lisa Banks and lawyer Democrat activist lawyer Debra Katz said Ms. Ford wants the FBI to investigate her claims before she appears at a Senate hearing.

The allegation, put forth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, claims that Kavanaugh pushed himself on Dr. Ford at a high-school party over 30 years ago.

Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have been emphatic that an FBI renewal of its background checks on Mr Kavanaugh will not happen, saying an investigation by committee staff - which Democrats are boycotting - is sufficient.

"The rush to a hearing is unnecessary, and contrary to the Committee discovering the truth", said Lisa Banks, Ford's attorney, in a statement to CNN. Those demands have been backed by Democrats but dismissed by top Republicans. And given Republicans' Senate majority - and the unity emerging behind Kavanaugh - that meant he was nearly certainly going to be confirmed to the Court.

It remained unclear, though, whether Ms Ford would attend or if the hearing would occur without her. She asserted that Republicans are rushing to confirm Kavanaugh because the court's "session is going to start in October and the President wants his guy there to, he hopes, help him evade criminal or civil proceedings". A substantial delay could push confirmation past the November elections, when Democrats have a shot at winning Senate control, plus allow more time for unforeseen problems to pop up.

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"Republicans are right, as a moral matter as well as a political matter, to take allegations of misbehavior like this seriously", explained Frank Cannon, president of the American Principles Project, before adding, "At the same time, we've seen anything and everything thrown at Republican Supreme Court nominees for decades", and complaining that Democrats are "playing by different rules". She can say whatever she wants, make certain that experts are heard and even recount the much more extensive investigative efforts undertaken when Hill stepped forward.

Republicans have largely stood by Mr Kavanaugh's denials. Which meant a vote in the Judiciary Committee would happen.

"I know there's pent-up demand for women to get their day, women who have been sexually harassed and sexually assaulted - and I personally am very aggrieved for all of them - but we can not put decades of pent-up demand for women to feel whole on one man's shoulders", Conway said.

In a statement Wednesday, a lawyer for Ford said her client was willing to cooperate but criticized the panel's plan to hear from only Ford and Kavanaugh.

In the letter Thursday, Ford's attorneys wrote that it "is not possible" for Ford to testify on Monday.

Asked his response to Democrats, he told reporters Wednesday, "A simple answer to that would be why didn't Dianne Feinstein send the request to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on July the 30th instead of now?"