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Her in-laws have had nothing but wonderful things to say about her-but what about her new relatives who don't tend to make public statements to press?

He also spoke about the Middletons and how they're aren't that much different to the Markles "They have brought outsiders in before in the past like with the Middletons,". "It would have been nice to at least get an invite to the wedding like he was", Thomas Jr. complained. He dedicated all his time to her. Since long before her royal wedding in May, Meghan has been included royal engagements and functions that are usually reserved for royals and their spouses. I think Meghan should have handled this from the beginning and I think it got ignored and swept under the carpet for so long, it's a shame where it's ended up, especially between her and my father.

"I know my mailman's name, I race to the door when the mail comes (usually just fliers or bills), but I always hold out hope there will be a letter". I feel for him because of how strong their relationship was and what it's become now.

Thomas Jr. continued, "Since Hollywood and being on that show-being a celebrity has changed her". If she was to make amends, by all means, she can do that. What frustrates Meghan the most is that her father doesn't seem to take responsibility for any his actions, as if he can do no harm, and everyone else is to blame."Well, he is harming her by putting down the royal family", the source continues".

'India seeks to continue importing Iran oil despite US sanctions'
USA investment bank Jefferies said on Friday there was an emerging "lack of demand" for crude oil and refined products. In May, the difference between crude oil exports and imports increased even further, to 470,000 barrels per day.

The window fitter's remarks come days after Thomas Sr. compared the royal family to a "cult", telling The Sun newspaper on Friday, August 17, that the royals "are secretive".

The Duchess of Sussex shares the hobby of letter writing with her late mother-in-law, something Diana was passionate about too albeit in a pre-blog post and social media era.

Diana's habit would also get her in trouble later as well, with reports her former flame James Hewitt secretly attempted to sell the princess' private thoughts to him in 2015. "If they hear anybody say anything they just lock the doors".

"They close the door, pull the shades down and put their fingers in their ears so they don't have to hear", he said. It turns out that only Queen Elizabeth and Prince William know the answer to that question.