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It has also consistently denied using chemical weapons over the course of the foreign-backed militancy, which gripped the country in 2011. But Russia is accusing US-linked forces of secretly conducting these same attacks. Most of the ships were armed with Kalibr cruise missiles.

Instead, Russia will probably just keep up its propaganda effort, which includes ship deployments.

Moscow has accused rebels of planning to stage a chemical attack in the northwestern province that would "provoke" Western strikes on its ally Damascus.

A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Maj.

Following up on concerns expressed over the weekend that a "false flag" attack might be used as a pretext for a United States attack on Syria, Russian Defense Ministry officials say they are deeply concerned by signs of a USA military buildup around the area, seemingly setting up for just such an attack.

"What I can tell you is that Russian reports of a US military buildup in the eastern Med are nothing more than propaganda", Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told reporters Monday. Business Insider reviewed monitors of Mediterranean maritime traffic and found only one US Navy destroyer reported in the area.

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The same naval monitors suggest Russian Federation may have up to 17 ships in the region with submarines on the way.

Turkey's foreign minister has spoken out against the possible attack and offered to work with Russian Federation to prevent an attack from Syria.

The Syrian government is gearing up for an expected offensive in Idlib province, which is home to almost 3 million people and has a large al-Qaida presence in addition to Syrian rebel groups. Iran has provided key support to Assad in the seven-year civil war, sending thousands of military advisers and allied militiamen to bolster his forces.

Since President Donald Trump took office, the U.S. has twice struck Syria in response to what it called incontrovertible evidence of chemical attacks on civilians.

In early April, a number of non-governmental organizations, including the White Helmets, reported that Syrian troops had allegedly used chemical weapons in the town of Douma on April 7.

This time, Russian Federation looks like it's up to more than simply conducting a public relations battle with the US.