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The Perseid meteor shower will be visible around the world this weekend, and experts say stargazers can expect the show to be a spectacular one. The timing of this shower actually falls in line with a new moon, which will also allow more meteors to be visible.

9-13, is one of the best opportunities to catch shooting stars all year. However, this year with a dark clear sky, it's possible to see an fantastic light show. The best time to view the meteor shower is between 1AM and 3AM.

Part of the reason the Perseids really sizzle in the summer sky in the northern hemisphere isn't the seasonal heat, but rather their speed, which can be almost 60 kilometers per second (134,000 miles per hour).

This annual meteor shower comes as the earth moves through the debris field of the comet Swift-Tuttle.

NASA said: "The Perseid meteor shower is here!"

Although the shower peaks on August 12, you'll be able to see a good deal of shooting stars all weekend and into Monday. Most meteors are a fleck of dust that is no more than a few millimeters across, but produces enough light to create a bright streak across the sky. Swift-Tuttle orbits the sun once every 133 years, but Earth still passes through the debris field it has left behind - its last visit to the inner solar system we all call home was in 1992.

A moonless sky and (hopefully) cloudless nights promise exceptional viewing of this year's most popular meteor shower - the Perseids.

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The Perseids can be seen between July 17th and August 24th.

Accuweather recommends viewers "Lay on your back and watch the whole sky, not just the radiant point, and avoid looking at your phone and other light sources", when viewing the meteor shower. As always, it's best to get away from light pollution and head far away from city centers.

Perseids meteor shower 2018: What is it?

The Perseid meteor shower is the most famous of all the meteor showers, and their frequency and visibility mean even those with no experience of stargazing have the chance to see them with the naked eye.

It is a known fact that stars are better viewed in a dark night's sky.

But what if you're unable to get to that dark site, or - worse yet - what if your weather is poor?