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CNN, however, said, "We stand by our story, and are confident in our reporting of it". CNN also reported that Cohen was willing to testify to Mueller about what he'd heard.

Last week, Davis told Anderson Cooper, "I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation".

At first, Sherman reports, Trump was despondent - "bummed" and "down and out" according to one source.

In the original story, CNN reported that it had reached out to Davis and that he did not comment, failing to mention that he had actually spoken to the outlet anonymously - raising questions about journalistic best practices beyond the scoop itself.

This comes after Davis claimed he and Cohen "were not the source of the story" during the same Buzzfeed interview.

As Breitbart's Matt Boyle reports, CNN's refusal to retract this very fake news, even after their own source (who is also the horse's mouthpiece) has admitted it's not true, is having a very damaging effect on CNN's morale.

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But it gets worse. According to BuzzFeed News, Davis was the confirming source for all of that. This wasn't just a case of Davis spreading now-questionable information to the media, in other words, it was a case of CNN wiping Davis's fingerprints off of it and misleading its readers by implying that the information was coming from someone other than him. "So why did the president trust Michael Cohen as long as he did?" she asked.

That statement is a lie, a proven lie, a bald-faced lie, because we now know for a fact that Lanny Davis did NOT decline to comment.

Legal experts who spoke with CNBC said that "Mueller's continued interest in Cohen suggests that he could still be a pivotal source of information to the larger probe into whether Russian operatives colluded with Trump campaign officials to interfere in the 2016 presidential election". But the president continues to maintain that he knew nothing about it beforehand.

But last week, Axios reported that Cohen testified to Congress a year ago that he had no idea whether Trump knew about the meeting in advance.

He then noted that the notoriously tight-lipped special counsel, Robert Mueller, has seen his disapproval ratings spike under his own and Trump's attacks.