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"Maybe I'll speak to him when I get over there", Trump said.

"Mrs May was very clear in her manifesto what was going to happen; that we were leaving the single market, we were leaving the customs union and we'd be an independent country - and what came out of Chequers is unacceptable".

Mr Johnson's almost two years as foreign secretary was not without controversy, with the ambitious Tory heavyweight having been accused of undermining Mrs May on more than one occasion - and making headlines for other reasons.

He reiterated that the internal challenges within the Conservative Party and within the Government are a matter for the Prime Minister and that goes for resignations, statements or contradictions that she has to deal with.

And senior backbencher Bernard Jenkin said there had been a "massive haemorrhage of trust" in Mrs May.

"The re-positioning of the British Government over the last few days led by Theresa May has been a Prime Minister showing her authority and I think many people have been impressed by that".

However, the ERG's chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he has not sent a letter to the 1922 Committee, and expects Mrs May to remain in office at least until Brexit day in March 2019.

His dramatic resignation followed those of Davis and his deputy Steve Banker overnight over May's plans to keep Britain economically close to the bloc. His replacement will be announced shortly.

Staunch Brexiteer Dominic Raab was named as Mr Davis's replacement as Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union, and a new foreign secretary was expected to be in place by the end of the day. Others have voiced their support for May's premiership and against a future Labour prime minister.

There is added pressure for a swift appointment because the foreign secretary is due to join Mrs May at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels on Wednesday and take part in the events of US President Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom, which begins on Thursday. While Johnson was one of the most high-profile Brexit campaigners, Hunt backed "Remain" during the 2016 referendum campaign.

"I was elected to represent my constituents and the Prime Minister's team needs to be aware that backbench MPs won't sit idly by and allow a so-called "soft Brexit" with us being half-in, half-out", Andrea Jenkyns wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

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Margaret Thatcher initially supported the 1975 referendum on the U.K.'s European Union membership, but a string of firings and resignations of cabinet members (sound familiar?) who favored more integration against her wishes led to her downfall.

"The country is at a standstill with a divided and shambolic Government".

As such, there seems little doubt that she will face a leadership challenge over the coming days or weeks, and it will nearly certainly come from a Brexiteer candidate such as Boris Johnson.

All major USA intelligence agencies agree that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election with the aim of helping Trump defeat Hillary Clinton; special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with such efforts.

"Time to back our PM to get a great Brexit deal - it's now or never..."

"Time for Michael Gove to decide".

If a number of would-be leaders are nominated, the list is whittled down to a shortlist of two by MPs before being put to party members in the country.

Johnson was ill-suited to the role of Foreign Secretary, and it showed, but is not the buffoon some allege. "Brussels must not mistakenly conclude, as EU Council chief Donald Tusk hinted, that one more push will destroy Brexit".

Trump, answering a reporter's question about whether May would stay in power, said: "That's up to the people".

"I've listened to every possible idea and every possible version of Brexit".