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The comment was not the first time Trump had taken notice of Montenegro in a way that attracted oversized attention.

"Let's say Montenegro, which joined a year ago. why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack", Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Trump.

"We call on President Trump not to worry about the non-existent war ambitions of Montenegro, but to try to understand our democratic system", Montenegro's United Reform Action party said in a statement.

The biggest strategic threat which concerns the British Empire "experts", however, is that the American people don't give a damn about "existing arrangements" of the old British imperial order, but support President Donald Trump's efforts to break with their order.

"Now I understand that, but that's the way it was set up", Trump said.

The situation is so dire that French President Emmanuel Macron, who at the start of Trump's job claimed he would not allow the United States to be isolated, is now in the front line of opposition against Trump.

"Alliance trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets", tweeted Mark Hertling, a former U.S. Army commander in Europe.

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Trump Doesn’t Get Why U.S. Has to Defend NATO Allies

US Prez made the comments in interview responding to question about NATO's Article 5 which states attack on 1 member is attack on all. I've asked the same question.

During his visit to Brussels where the NATO Summit was held and also in Britain, Donald Trump constantly tried to stabilise himself in a position with a bunch of non-diplomatic and humiliating statements.

The controversial point is that in 2014 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has passed WALES SUMMIT DECLARATION , regulating the member nations to increase defense spending as much as 2% of the overall GDP, however, some North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members said that it is just a policy documentation that represents political commitment, not a legal documentation, currently, there are only 5 nations meet NATO's requirement, apart from the U.S., including Greece, UK, Estonia and Poland. They're very aggressive people. Romania was an Axis power during World War II.

Based on this, the statement, the friendship and Alliance Chornogor and the United States are "strong and persistent". Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics tried to lay out his country's motives for membership.

Speaking on the state of world affairs, Chancellor Angela Merkel took a shot at President Trump leadership, saying Europe could not longer "rely on the superpower of the United States". Russian Federation strongly opposed the move, going so far as to support a 2016 coup attempt against the Montenegrin government.

A former province of communist Yugoslavia, Montenegro has only been fully independent since 2006. "We have discussed this at length. there must be more burden-sharing when it comes to defending worldwide rules-based order, when it comes to enforcing the rules and norms, and when it comes to promoting and advocating peace and stability around the world". Why should Germany - a country that spends just 1.24 percent of its gross domestic product on defense - continue to be rewarded with the economic benefit of USA bases? "Their summit declaration that came out at the end of the summit stated clearly that any attack against one ally will be regarded as an attack against all".

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He said he still doesn't know what Trump discussed with Putin during the leaders' one-on-one meeting in Helsinki . To be fair to Trump , he could not support a line of thought that he won the election with Russian support.