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Javier Garrido Martinez holds his 4-year-old son after being reunited during a news conference in NY on July 11, 2018.

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The government missed a federal judge's initial deadline of Tuesday to have all children under 5 reunited with parents.

Sabraw has set a final deadline for the government to reunite the 2,000 children who remain in custody with their parents: July 26.

The ACLU also claimed that the administration has yet to share information on 23 people who the government said did not fit into the affected class of people they are working to reunite. The only suggestion in Thursday's filing was for the government to establish a fund to pay for counseling for the children, "who are suffering from severe trauma as a result of their forcible separation from their parents".

Many other children who should be reunited with their families are still in detention or foster homes as their parents can't afford the often more than $1,000 plane tickets, either to other parts of the USA or back to their home countries.

He beamed while his son asked questions and played with toys when they were reunited at a federal immigration office in MI on Tuesday.

The government gave somewhat more detailed explanations in the court filing for the 46 children who remained separated from their parents, including listing the charges or convictions of 11 parents whose criminal backgrounds ICE said excluded them from the court order.

Meekins defended the agency's decision to conduct DNA tests on all children before reunifying them with their parents.

"Let me be clear: HHS could have transferred every child out of our care to a parent who is now in DHS custody today if we did not take into account child safety or whether the adult is actually the parent", Chris Meekins of Health and Human Services Department said in the call. "Health and Human Services will bring the children to two residential centers in Texas and reunify them".

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Witnesses in Phoenix said some toddlers did not recognize their mothers, tried to get away from them, and cried out for government workers who had been watching them.

"Things have taken a real step forward", Gelernt said.

Sabraw indicated more time would be allowed only in specific cases where the government showed good reasons for a delay.

That included 11 who had criminal records - either charges or convictions - seven who were not the parent but could have been a different relative, one who had a false birth certificate, another accused of child abuse, another who wanted to live in a home with an adult with a criminal history, 12 who were already deported, 11 who are now in state or federal criminal custody, one who cannot be found and one with a contagious disease.

An administration official told Business Insider the number of children was bumped up to 103 from 102 because one parent had initially stated he wanted to leave his child, but changed his mind and was reunited Wednesday night.

Since coming under pressure to ease its immigration separation policy weeks ago, the USA government has shifted its estimates of the number of children it would reunite. Reporters on the ground have reported that there seemed to be no plan to track where different parts of families were being sent so that they could eventually be reunited.

"That is going to be a significant undertaking", Sabraw said on Tuesday of the next deadline. The judge ordered children 5 and older to be reunited by July 26.

Another boy and a girl who had been in temporary foster care were reunited with their Honduran fathers at the centre about three months after they were split up. Leon Fresco, a former senior Justice Department immigration lawyer, said putting ankle bracelets on migrants is a return to what the Trump administration itself has described as catch and release; ending its practice was a top priority of the labour union that represents Border Patrol agents and endorsed Trump's candidacy.

The announcement comes two days after a court-ordered deadline to return the youngest of the children.

Seven adults were determined not to be the parents of the child they entered with. On June 27, she finally made contact with her children and has been given weekly visitation rights.