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And North Korea did not have to pay a cent for it: China furnished a plane, Singapore footed the US$15m-plus bill for the summit, and the media distributed images of the North Korean leader parlaying on equal terms with the United States president to the entire world.

Trump became the first sitting US president to meet with a North Korean leader when he met with Kim on Tuesday in Singapore.

In a video message released later by the White House, Trump said Tuesday's summit with the young North Korean leader in Singapore was "open, direct and very, very productive". In one particularly bad sound byte, the president said that Kim is a "strong head" and admired the way that the - I repeat - dictator commands "his people".

In explaining what he'd do if he proved to be mistaken about his big bet this week on the integrity of Kim Jong Un, Trump said: "I may stand before you in six months and say, 'Hey, I was wrong'". I think Donald Trump needs to understand the difference there.

Trump continued to admit that when "he speaks and his people sit up at attention".

'I don't want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family.

Following his remarks, the President later emphasised his remarks were "sarcastic" when asked by reporters at the White House.

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You know you were asked in the press conference a number of different times, in different ways, about human rights and that you called this relationship really good and that he was a very talented person.

"In Trump's case, you can not analyze his behaviors rationally because they're not rational" he explained.

During an interview yesterday following the American's summit with Kim Jong-un, he reiterated both leaders have a "good chemistry". Among men, 55 per cent say Mr Trump made reasonable compromises, while 28 per cent say he gave away too much. Mr. Abe has long had the goal of bolstering Japan's military and ultimately wants to amend the country's pacifist Constitution, which was put in place by American occupiers in 1947.

"It suggests that when he's in the mood, the president will cut deals with our adversaries involving the interests of our allies" without consulting them, said Michael J. Green, a former Asia adviser to President George W. Bush who is now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

According to a survey from Morning Consult, Politico, over half of respondents said the recent summit was "very or somewhat successful", while just 24% said it was unsuccessful. This would serve both as a form of ego-gratification; a summit with North Korea is something that none of his predecessors, including Barack Obama, were able to pull off.

"Our top priority is securing the long-term survival of North Korea's regime, and it was not on our mind (before the talks with Kim and Xi in Dalian) to demand a halt to U.S. I think that's our role as the global community, especially from the United States, to support them in this critical hour". They also tend to believe that sanctions will not work against the North, given China's unwillingness to let its client collapse and possibly be replaced with a united Korea allied with the United States and perched on its borders.

But Beijing could not ignore Pyongyang's repeated nuclear and missile tests previous year, and chose to support United Nations sanctions - cutting off the flow of coal, textiles, and other goods from North Korea.