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Who's video posted below depicts how smoking can hurt your heart and blood vessels.

"Ultimately, we want to accelerate the Government's laudable Smokefree 2025 goal by replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products in New Zealand".

Many of us are now trying to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, but by using the devices we may be exposing ourselves to a new health risk.

Figures estimate that tobacco is the primary cause of 17 per cent of all deaths from heart disease, the world's leading killer.

The report states that the PNRT involved development of several apps and telephone hotlines along with information service providers that helped the smokers to quit.

Omiyefa said: "Tobacco use has been linked to over seven million deaths worldwide and causes a lot of deaths related to noncommunicable diseases including cancers, cardiovascular diseases and stroke every year".

'This World No Tobacco Day, WHO is drawing attention to the fact tobacco doesn't just cause cancer, it quite literally breaks hearts'.

Chennai: "Smoking Kills" is the message that is known to all smokers and non-smokers.

He says smoking cigarettes can also lead to heart disease, lung disease, brain disease, strokes and can be the cause of cancer in nearly any organ of the body.

How does tobacco damage the heart?

The new packaging rules for tobacco products prohibit promotional information, branding and logos, and were firmly opposed by Big Tobacco.

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In Uganda, the report indicates that there is total of about two million tobacco smokers with an Age-standardised prevalence of 10.1 per cent for both males and females.

While in India and Indonesia, more than half of adults are unaware that smoking can cause strokes.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and stroke, are responsible for 44 per cent of NCD deaths, or 17.9 million deaths annually.

The end of smoking is finally "in sight", officials claimed in June 2017 following figures that suggested another drop in rates across the UK.

The number of adults and kids lighting up has been on a steady decline but it is still above the national average. As per data, 6 per cent of men, 1.4 per cent of women and 3.8 per cent of all adults now smoke tobacco, while 31.7 per cent of men, 16.6 per cent of women and 24.4 per cent of all adults now use smokeless tobacco.

Questioned about how to reconcile a robust tobacco initiative with the introduction of legal recreational cannabis by late summer, Petitpas Taylor said marijuana rules are necessary given Canada has the highest number of cannabis users among youth in developed countries. Smoking tobacco cigarettes each day was associated with almost three times the risk, and using both together on a daily basis leads to five times the risk of heart attack, when compared to non-smokers.

But it warned that the pace of reduction was too slow.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam have developed non-smoking areas, while 1,200 training courses on non-smoking have been held.

According to her, a smoker's body tends to compensate for the lack of oxygen by producing too many red blood cells, making the blood thicker, while the nicotine in cigarettes hardens the arteries.

While many people are aware tobacco use increases the risk of cancer, there are alarming gaps in knowledge of the cardiovascular risks of tobacco use.