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President Donald Trump on Thursday pardoned a conservative commentator and said he was considering pardoning lifestyle maven Martha Stewart and commuting a former IL governor's prison sentence, prompting critics to accuse him of subverting the rule of law.

"Stone, a longtime associate of Trump's, told the Washington Post that the message was clear: "Indict people for crimes that don't pertain to Russian collusion and this is what could happen". Schwinn said. Article II, Section 2 gives presidents the "power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment". Trump fired Bharara from the US attorney job after initially promising Bharara that he would stay on in the new administration. Stone has claimed that the counsel is investigating his personal life and business affairs because he has no evidence of collusion.

Two prominent Indian Americans, representing two different political ideologies - Preet Bharara and Dinesh D'Souza - engaged in a bitter war of words on Twitter today after Mr. D'Souza was pardoned by President Donald Trump for violating federal campaign laws.

A federal judge sentenced D'Souza to five years of probation with eight months in a community confinement center after he admitted to having "straw donors" donate thousands of dollars to New York Republican Wendy Long, a longtime acquaintance of his who was running for Senate in 2012.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood on Thursday criticized Trump's pardons of his supporters and called on the state Legislature to change the state's double-jeopardy law so that those who break its laws can not evade justice with a presidential pardon. Trump said Johnson had served 10 months in prison "for what many view as a racially motivated injustice".

D'Souza argued that Preet Bharara, the former United States attorney for the Southern District of NY, only indicted him to "endear himself to the Obama team".

D'Souza had plead guilty in 2014 to federal campaign finance law violations. D'Souza recalled that Obama was "raging" about the movie.

Will USA-North Korea summit really take place?
Trump told reporters Friday he appreciated their statement and that dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang was ongoing. At a higher level, meanwhile, the North Korean leader's right-hand man Kim Yong-chol flew to NY to meet with U.S.

"The president's ad hoc use of the pardon power is concerning enough".

D'Souza said his prosecution was politically motivated, in part because he had made a film highly critical of President Obama.

He has stirred controversy on social media for his offensive comments directed towards former President Barack Obama.

D'Souza came in for criticism recently for a tweet mocking student survivors of the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

"Worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs", D'Souza tweeted.

The tweets have been sharply criticized by some Florida Republicans, including Gov. Rick Scott. D'Souza eventually discarded his more classically liberal conservatism for a caustic and conspiratorial strain of rhetoric.