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It remains unknown whether the movie will be released before or after the Suicide Squad sequel, or whether it will tie in with the plot of the movie in any way whatsoever.

Variety also reports that Leto and Warner Bros. are now looking for a screenwriter for the prospective film.

Jared Leto has signed on to star and executive produce a standalone Joker film branching out from his role in 2016's Suicide Squad, according to Variety. His partner in crime Margot Robbie is already set to have her own spin-off as Harley Quinn, and there were rumors previously that a Harley and Joker film was also in the works.

All of this Joker news is starting to get as confusing as Matt Reeves' The Batman. Many of these performances, like those by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, are the stuff of acting legend, but then you get Jared Leto's unusual take on the character which can perhaps only be described as divisive. The plan is for Warner Bros.to build out the world that it created with Suicide Squad.

30-Year-Old Man Leaves Parents Home After Judge Orders Him Out
Rotondo will apparently spend the next week living in an Airbnb in Syracuse, New York , before moving in with a distant cousin. The judge called this request "outrageous", at which point Rotondo called the judge "outrageous" right back.

Joaquin Phoenix has been in talks to play the Joker in this movie.

Warner Bros. seems to have a profound misunderstanding of what many viewers want, as evidenced by films like Batman v. Superman and Justice League.

While the debate over whether it's worth getting two Joker movies, let alone one, will rumble on, it appears that DC are finally going all-in on Jared Leto's Joker after a tepid reaction to his debut. Jared Leto is a played out actor who takes himself far too seriously, who I would be thrilled to not see except on rewatches of My So-Called Life. All six - yes, you read that correctly - six of them.