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Test drives are underway for the Kitty Hawk Flyer, which is being called a "flying vehicle".

Cora is a double air taxis equipped with electric motors. After a first successful test flight of a flying auto being accomplished recently, we can perhaps soon do what we would right now kill for - fly over traffic.

In the video, the 250lb flying auto is seen coasting above the water thanks to its new propellers, which have been increased from eight to ten rotors. The Flyer is essentially a drone big enough to carry a person, and according to its designers the controls can be mastered in as little as an hour. Let's face it, even if we can afford flying cars in the future, how many of us are trained pilots or can hire trained pilots?

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While Kitty Hawk is developing single-seat and two-seat aircraft, other companies are looking at vehicles that seat from four to six, imagining this new form of transportation as akin to a flying taxi cab. Modern U.S. laws do not allow such vehicles to fly at night or over people, so the test was conducted over water. The company also seems to be suggesting it'll make flights available as a leisure experience, which strikes us as a great solution, particularly if the guys in charge quietly keep a remote control on hand in case a pilot gets out of their depth. A feature of this vehicle is that it will travel through the air.

If such a vehicle crashes or falls out of the sky when the battery runs out, it means certain death. Its sale price has not made been made public yet. Details on this project are, however, scarce.

Flyer was developed by Todd Reichert, Kitty Hawk's Director of Engineering, the same Canadian engineering talent behind world record-setting and human-powered vehicles like the AeroVelo Snowbird ornithopter, Atlas helicopter and Eta speed bike. But the question remains - when will they really hit the market?