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The president said a vote on immigration legislation should be postponed until after the midterm elections in November, when he expects Republicans to pick up more seats and create a stronger majority - a prediction that is far from guaranteed.

"I have been working for years to get a permanent solution in place for our nation's Dreamers and secure our borders".

Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November. Scalise's deputy, Rep. Patrick McHenry, said the president, "understands fully the dynamics and he is the arbiter of what is a good deal on immigration". But the government has yet to reunite more than 2,000 children with their parents.

Trump said undocumented immigrants commit more crimes than USA citizens. Trump gave in to the pressure from the Democrats as well as his party the republican and the public outcry that requested him to act on the matter since it was not disgraceful but also inhumane.

Even though the president has now ordered that families be kept together in detention during immigration proceedings, it remained unclear how and when those children already separated would be reunited with their parents, and where families would be held while the parents face criminal charges.

Avenatti, who has made headlines representing porn star Stormy Daniels in an unrelated lawsuit against Trump, said Merida-Galicia is among more than 60 immigrant parents he represents and 80 percent of them do not know where their children are.

"We got 193 votes yesterday on a bill the leadership said wasn't even close, right?" said Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Trump, faced with a public outcry over his policy that separated children from their migrant parents at the USA border with Mexico, had urged Congress to take up immigration legislation to permanently prevent family separations.

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Instead, Trump has blamed the Democrats for refusing to acquiesce to his demands on immigration.

"There would be many red-state Democrats that are going to look at the polls in their own states and say, 'if the issue is just the families, we should be addressing this through legislation, '" Continetti said.

The columnist went on to rip Mr. Trump as a "Vesuvius of mendacities" before concluding: "In today's GOP, which is the president's plaything, he is the mainstream".

Marshall traveled Saturday to the El Paso area as part of a bipartisan congressional group to meet with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials and to tour a center holding 400 young immigrants near the Tornillo port of entry. Trump's crackdown hasn't deterred them, at least not yet. Doing so has been derisively called granting "amnesty" to those who entered the country illegally.

"Once you end up talking with one parent they tell you that there are 70 other parents in their dorm that are also separated and can I help them", she said, adding that immigration authorities had asked her to share the information so they could assist.

While noting that most Border Patrol workers at the facility were trying to do the best they can, Himes said the Congressional delegation was there to see that the children receive "the values and ethic good treatment that we are here to demand".

The White House announced plans in April to prosecute all immigrants caught along the southwest border with illegally entering the country.