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Congratulations to John Cox on a really big number in California.

"We've gotten great support from the Jewish community and I'm really proud of that", Levin told the Forward Wednesday afternoon, after getting just two hours of sleep on election night. The ascendant days of the Reagan revolution are long gone in California.

Senator Roger Wicker, Republican of MS, won his primary contest as did Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey. A female Democratic candidate also won in Iowa and another was leading in early returns in Montana. And I think that we're - you know, all of these races have become sort of flashpoints in this entire tussle over control of Congress. They're now outnumbered even by independents.

Democrats fought to shape the political battlefield for a November "blue wave" Tuesday in primaries across eight states.

Meanwhile, the broad outline of the party's message is taking shape.

California voters are rejecting the Democratic mantra of tax hikes, protecting sanctuary cities, and the hyper-partisan and baseless impeachment witch hunt.

"Democrats have done a good job of turning enthusiasm into a large number of candidates, of turning enthusiasm into fundraising", Mr Gonzalez said. Even though Republican Diane Harkey was the top finisher, the next three finishers on the list are all Democrats, with Mike Levin finishing in second.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential nomination process, it became fashionable to talk about the declining influence of the two major US political parties on their voters.

Trump's support has attracted attention from Cox's opponent, who's one of the president's top critics.

For Democrats, Katie Hill, who runs a nonprofit homeless shelter, looked to be the next opponent for Rep. Stephen Knight in the 25th Congressional District, and Katie Porter was in line to take on Rep. Mimi Walters in the 45th Congressional District.

Donald Trump: I can pardon myself if I want
President Bill Clinton was charged with obstruction in 1998 by the House of Representatives as part of his impeachment trial. Asked if Trump has decided whether he will voluntarily be interviewed by Mueller, Giuliani said the answer is most likely no.

In California's Senate race, Democrat incumbent Dianne Feinstein easily made it through to November's election.

"It's clear that Democrats are in a stronger position than ever to take back the House, and winning districts in California will be central to that path", said Tyler Law, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Nationally, crosscurrents remain in the contest for control of the House. Those districts could determine who runs the chamber. And because Republicans have slipped behind no-party-preference voters in California - they're about a quarter of the electorate now - there was a real big fear among Democrats that they could just miss out on this top-of-the-ticket race.

Well, it appears that Leno and [Supervisor Jane] Kim's strategy of asking their supporters to choose them as their first choice and choosing the other as a second preference seemed to have worked.

"We would have loved to have had a couple of all-Republican finals".

Like in California, the seats Democrats hope to pick off in New Jersey are full of affluent, suburban voters. This year, 23 Republicans are running for the state senate, down from 39 in 2012. And so the problem may be that Democrats have so many people running this time around, that it could split the vote and Republicans could end up benefiting. "If we are to take back the House, we have to win multiple districts in California".

Kamarck said that although Democrats in the most prominent anti-Trump state in the country would be expected to fare well, the "jungle" format of the election could create chaos. The last Republican elected to statewide office was in 2006.

De Leon won the backing of the California Democratic Party earlier this year and is seen by members as a more fitting face of progressive politics in the state. The party celebrated when Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman, D-Fullerton. But she isn't sure if he has a chance in the fall.

Associated Press writers Kevin Freking in Washington and Amy Taxin in Huntington Beach, California, contributed.