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If the likes of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant are willing to take pay cuts to stay in the Bay and win, why not Smart?

If Hayward and Irving are indeed able to return healthy for the beginning of the season, expectations will by sky high in Boston. I'm anxious about how players are working and how they perform on the court. I am taking Cleveland in game 7 having Lebron giving the city of Cleveland a championship for one last time and leaving the organization for good. "I think that the further you go in the playoffs, the harder it is to lose".

He added: "They're going to be out there thinking "we're one game from the Finals". That's going to eat at all of us for a while". "It's something we're all looking forward to". "We learn that as players early, early in our careers when there's trades that happen or when injuries happens".

In an ideal world, Marcus Smart expects a small scale version of Isaiah Thomas' mythical Brinks truck to arrive when he becomes a restricted free agent this summer.

Syria's Assad threatens force against US-backed Kurds
The time is coming soon when we're going to have to make a decision as to what we're going to do about our arrangement with the Kurds.

"It was a very disappointing loss", Ainge said. That said, at least it's after their season is already over and not just before the postseason. "I want to be in Boston". "But in this league, you never know".

And with Ainge calling the shots, it's nearly impossible to predict the future.

With Irving and Hayward expected back at training camp, Boston will likely be the favorites in the Eastern Conference next season, pending LeBron James' decision this summer. But Ainge said he isn't concerned about members of his projected starting lineup -- Irving, Jaylen Brown, Tatum, Hayward and Al Horford -- becoming marginalized. The injury occurred in November when he was hit in the face by teammate Aron Baynes. He also suffered a facial fracture in November and wore a mask for two weeks.