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Since last October you've been able to send commands via your vocal chords to the YouTube TV service through Google Home speakers, but if you don't have access to a Google Assistant device you'll now be able to get chatty with the streaming service through its mobile app.

Before Incognito mode was introduced for YouTube, users had the option to log out of their Google account from the YouTube app to allow private content viewing.

Some will say that implementing this type of feature into an application is appreciated, but it can actually be quite the hassle if it isn't readily available to the user.

YouTube already has a "Pause Watch History" function in case you don't want YouTube logging your history, but it's a little hard to find (you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and navigate through your history).

Giant food makers pledge to slash trans fats globally
REview dietary sources of industrially-produced trans fats and the landscape for required policy change. This southern fried chicken was made in NY in 2006 with soy bean oil, a good substitute for trans fats.

Those who received the new voice feature on their Android devices got a pop-up notification in the YouTube TV app regarding the arrival of the feature. While undercover, your avatar transforms into the Incognito spy icon, and none of your activity is recorded. A new version of the app has the Switch Account and Sign Out options combined. It's unclear if this is one of Google's routine A/B testing features, or if it's now being rolled out to everyone as a server-side switch.

Thankfully, that's all of us: a quick survey in the TNW newsroom revealed all manner of unnecessary viewing, like this ancient Vine, this way-too-slick clip of beetleweight fighting robots, this primate peeing into its own mouth, and this dude delivering the most profound monologue ever while enjoying an LSD trip in the Thar desert.

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