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Deemed "the most important vote for the internet in the history of the US Senate" by author Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from MA, the resolution would reverse the FCC's December 2017 repeal of net neutrality rules that were put in place in 2015. Senate Democrats used the powers granted to the legislative branch under the Congressional Review Act to potentially overturn regulations created by federal agencies, like the FCC's decision to end requirements for net neutrality.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has said lawmakers in that chamber are focused on designing their own legislation to "permanently address this issue", casting doubt on whether the Senate resolution can advance. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who sponsored the CRA resolution.

"Pai's so-called "Restore Internet Freedom" order was built on a mountain of false premises - about the law, the state of investment. and public sentiment", Tim Karr, a consumer advocate at Free Press, tweeted Tuesday.

City council today took a baby step toward ensuring San Antonians have access to a free and open Internet - a concept techies refer to as "net neutrality."

The Republican-led FCC voted in December to repeal Obama-era protections.

Still, Democrats hope a public vote might increase the pre-midterm election pressure on some lawmakers to reconsider their support on an issue that's popular with voters.

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Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), said the internet thrived long before the Obama administration stepped in with rules in 2015, and he predicted that when the FCC repeal is in place, consumers won't notice a change in their service.

Internet providers have characterized net neutrality as an issue that has yet to become a problem. The bill will now move to the House, where another majority vote is required, but Republicans have stronger control, with 235 members versus the Democrats' 193. We can not let internet providers block or slow down internet traffic and force us to pay more for popular sites. Alaska's Lisa Murowski, Louisiana's John Kennedy, and Maine's Susan Collins supported to bring the vote to 52-47.

The FCC did not roll back rules that require internet providers to disclose their traffic management practices, with complaints largely handled through the Federal Trade Commission. About 40 top executives from MA companies including Zipcar, Carbonite, MathWorks, and Rapid7 signed a letter this month supporting Markey's effort to preserve what they call "a free and open Internet".

Comcast Corp, Verizon Communications Inc, and AT&T Inc have pledged to not block or discriminate against legal content after the net neutrality rules expire.

The true victory for net neutrality supporters could be to stop wasting energy on the CRA and redirect it to efforts that actually might succeed.