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Those who've seen "Solo: A Star Wars Story" will know that, although we didn't get to see the crooked colossal blobby fish, Jabba the Hutt is referenced a couple of times - in particular, right at the end of the film.

Analysts had predicted the Disney/Lucasfilm project - directed by Ron Howard and with Alden Ehrenreich as a young version of the swashbuckling Han Solo - would reach US$130 million to US$150 million, possibly setting a Memorial Day weekend record.

"Solo" also had stiff competition. Solo didn't seem as essential to the more casual Star Wars fan as seeing what happens next in the main "Skywalker Saga" series of movies. Disney The opening three-day performance by "Solo" is the lowest for a "Star Wars" movie since 2002's "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones", which took in $80 million. Even tired franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers that bombed domestically a year ago made up for low turnout at home with big numbers overseas. We will have to wait over a year to see if the next "Star Wars" film, "Episode IX", will prove "Solo" to be an aberration or signs of a longer downward trend.

Early estimates placed the second Star Wars spinoff at somewhere in the region of $114 million in the United States, however Variety is now reporting that its take over the past three days is at $84 million with a four-day total expected at $101 million. Solo, which had the widest opening for a Star Wars movie yet, had a per-screen average attendance of only 2,100.

Subtropical Storm Alberto still chugging toward Gulf
There's a 90percent chance that a tropical or subtropical depression or storm may hit the Gulf Coast over Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day Weekend in North Alabama: Expect a good covering of heavy downpours on Friday: especially south of Huntsville.

Anything that was associated with the name Star Wars was golden, even the prequels in their own way. Fans were excited to see a director who embraced everything they loved about Star Wars, not try to change it. Will Solo's underperformance have any impact on future Anthology movies?

"The Last Jedi" also flopped in China (it was pulled from theaters after a week), and Rian Johnson's movie - even though it grossed $1.3 billion worldwide - showed relatively weak legs at the box office, while proving divisive among "Star Wars" die-hards. The Force Awakens helmer J.J. Abrams will return to the director's chair, following Rian Johnson's work on The Last Jedi previous year. Perhaps Memorial Day wasn't the ideal time. Also, things are a lot easier when both movies close to one another are great.

The origin story scripted by father and son Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan, which reportedly carries the hefty price tag of $US300 million, ranked at No. 1 in most territories but it was just the fourth-biggest opening weekend of the year in Oz.

All non-forecast box office data via Box Office Mojo.