KXIP vs KKR Live Score

It will also address the way the game handles vehicles that are far away from the player as well as parked vehicles, which are now too demanding on players' systems.

Sure, both games have a "battle royale" mode in which 100 players duke it out to the last man standing.

Epic Games had claimed publicly that its highly-successful battle royale shooter Fortnite was their own version of games like PUBG. Epic Games didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. To improve performance, it will first address the way lighting effects are processed as well as the way vehicles move across different ground surfaces, both of which are causing players' GPUs to overload. It isn't the monumental growth that bothers PUBG Corp, however, but rather Epic's access to sensitive backend data surrounding its title as the developer of the engine both games use.

Starbucks customers skeptical racial bias training will result in real change
The company says employees going through the training will "move into a real and honest exploration of bias". People are now free to hang out at Starbucks and use the bathroom , even if they don't make any purchases.

It should be noted that, while PUBG is credited with popularizing Battle Royale modes past year, it wasn't the first game to feature that experience. The artwork in "Fortnite" may appeal more to kids, and Epic's game is also "cross platform", meaning players on PC, Mac, game consoles and mobile devices can play against each other. The previous record of 3.3 million simultaneous players was set by PUBG. As Fortnite was indeed released in the region, the injunction was unsuccessful-that said, PUBG remains significantly more popular in Korea than Fortnite.

He continued: "We have also noticed that Epic Games references PUBG in the promotion of Fortnite to their community and in communications with the press".

According to Bloomberg, PUBG has generated sales of up to $1.3 billion (£980m). "Fortnite" debuted three months later, but had been in development for much longer.