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An global group of aviation experts has concluded that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), which vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014, was deliberately crashed by the plane's pilot into the Indian Ocean in a murder-suicide.

Mike Keane, a former easyJet chief pilot and Royal Air Force intelligence officer, said the ATSB should change its "ghost flight" theory of what happened to the missing jet.

The plane disappeared with 239 people on board over four years ago and the aircraft still hasn't been found.

Captain Keane believes the doomed flight was hijacked by pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah and intentionally flown outside the search area.

"There is no reason to believe that the pilot did not depressurize the cabin to incapacitate the passengers", Vance said.

"He was killing himself; unfortunately, he was killing everybody else on board, and he did it deliberately."

Reviewing the aircraft's flight plan and comparing it against military radar, Boeing 777 pilot and instructor Simon Hardy determined that Shah flew the plane along the border of Thailand and Malaysia, deliberately flying in and out of each country's airspace.

Captain Keane also published a forensic reconstruction of the flight in The Australian.

As the crew and passengers have lost consciousness he was left the only person in command, as he was the only one who was ready for upcoming depressurization and grabbed the oxygen mask.

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He told The Australian: "You may recall my observation of "complicity to a crime" if the ATSB cling to their version of events when they have knowledge to the contrary".

"Put bluntly, the MH370 "crash" is undoubtedly a crime of the unlawful killing of 238 innocent people".

'The Australian government has also been remiss, they should have put pressure on the ATSB to listen, and act, on professional advice from the aviation community'.

Hardy thinks investigators have been looking in the wrong place: specifically, Hardy thinks Shah ran the aircraft out of fuel and piloted it far out into the ocean, at least 115 miles further away than previously thought. "So this piece would not even exist", he said.

JACC has not responded to news.com.au's inquiries, which can only be directed via email.

While some debris from the aircraft has been found, the search for the plane was called off in January 2017, three years after the disappearance.

The company has 90 search days to look for the plane, which has been spread over several months.

The investigation is expected to be wrapped up by mid-June.