Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims said he was briefed recently by USA experts who had intercepted, copied and decrypted messages sent back to Google from mobiles running on the company's Android operating system. The barometer and thermometers are available in some of the high-end Android phones.

A gig of data now costs about $3.60-$4.50 a month. With one gigabyte of data costing as much as A$4.25 and over 10 million Android devices in Australia. But it does not appear to mention the constant monitoring going on in the background even when Maps is not in use. Nor will removing the SIM card stop it from happening. While this has been no secret, as it was announced at the CES, earlier this year, now an official press report from Kenwood has been released that states that all devices running on Android 9.0 (which is yet to release) will feature the Auto Wireless technology. According to Oracle, Google is able to get information as accurate as "which level of a shopping mall you are on" by using barometric pressure reading.

The apps, once installed, take measures to stay on the device, disappear and wipe their tracks, including waiting for hours before launching malicious activity to avoid arousing suspicion and requesting admin privileges - using the Google Play icon when doing so to feign legitimacy.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Oracle claimed that Google is responsible for approximately A$500 million in data usage.

"My people are looking into it", the ACCC's Sims was quoted as having told News Corp Australia.

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It seems like the tech giant Google might have some tough days ahead. "The more we get into this inquiry the more we realise there are lots of issues (around) competition and privacy", he said.

The spin-doctors of API apparently made a specific presentation to the ACCC as part of an existing inquiry into digital platforms, called by Australian media giants concerned about the effect of Google and Facebook on advertising markets in the region.

While in Australia the Oracle experts have also shown their findings to some journalists.

Oracle's point is that Google can send location data, even if Location Services are off and if there's no SIM or app installed.

All location sharing on Android is opt-in by the user.